Poly Prep Country Day School - Wetland Parking
Brooklyn, NY

Billie Cohen Ltd. with Project Manager, Alessandra Galetti, developed an environmentally sensitive Master Plan for this unique 25-acre private Brooklyn school campus. Implemented to date are the campus vehicular circulation and parking areas, safe pedestrian pathways throughout campus, and customized playground integrated into park-like setting.

Storm water management throughout campus was designed to recharge the water table; for example, a natural low point in the center of parking is now a vegetated wetland and storm water retention area. During dry periods water will be pumped from the underground water storage and used for irrigation. Wherever possible the drywells bring the runoff to the water table.

A playground was integrated into the landscape, and includes a slide built into an existing slope surrounded by a butterfly garden installed by the 6 th Graders as part of their science curriculum.